Sunday, September 1, 2013


Welcome to our class website! Here you will find helpful information and updates on what is going on in Room 15. There are a couple of tabs you can look under, one of them being “Individual Student Blogs“. The students will be writing some blog posts every now and then (the junior students will help us with this – if a translation of the sentences is required, they will type it in under what the student has typed out), so feel free to see the progress of their writing through these blog posts. Under the tab “Homework” I will be posting audio files of the French songs we are learning so that the students can go home and sing along to them. 
Feel free to share this website with family members and add comments. If I load up any photos of the classroom or the kids I will be sure to not show their faces. On that same note, please refrain from using any last names so that the children’s identities can be protected.
I will try my best to update the website weekly.
Merci and happy sharing!
Mlle. Nicolaes

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