Friday, September 20, 2013

Reading is Thinking!

This week we have started talking about what good reading looks like. The main part of being a good reader is to always be thinking while we read. Some of the examples the students came up with are to think about:
  • What’s happening in the story? 
  • What will happen next?
  • How is the character feeling right now?
  • What would we do if we were the character in the story?
  • Is what we read in books always true?
Then we agreed that if we want to be able to think while we read, we need to be very quiet. So we practiced just 10 minutes of very quiet reading. Everyone found a cozy spot in the classroom and enjoyed some good books!
Some sat by our class plant or behind the cart….

Others curled up in our reading corner….

Some read at their desk, and others at the carpet….

And many even chose to sit under the coat racks!

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