Wednesday, April 23, 2014

3-D structures

The students created 3D structures and then used the Educreations app to explain 3 things about their structure:
1) the 3D shapes they used 
2) the 2D shapes they see in their 3D shapes
3) where all their shapes are located 

Click on your child's name below to hear their presentation. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The "All about" books

The students will be making "All About" books about an animal of their choice. They made a list of their top 3 favourite animals that they wanted to write about, and from that list I put the students in groups of 3-4, according to the animal they wanted to write about. This past week the kids have been getting together in their small groups to read all about their chosen animal, and to write down extra cool facts ! Later on this week they will meet with me in small groups to make a graphic organizer, and next week they will be ready to start writing. 
Leading up to this, we talked a lot about non- fiction books, the difference between fact and opinion, and how to add detail to our writing. 

Here are some pictures of the kids reading together. 

3-D shapes

The students have been working hard learning all about 2-D and 3-D shapes. This week they built structures in their groups (they are so good at working together!). They spoke a lot of French, describing the shapes, talking about the 2-D shapes they see in the 3-D shapes, and, using language like sur (on), sous (under), à côté de (beside), etc.