Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spiders for Halloween!

Today was Halloween and the students put the finishing touches on their spider projects!

We started learning about creepy, crawly spiders about a week ago. We started out by talking about what we already knew about spiders and wrote our thoughts on sticky notes, which we then put onto a chart. We then read a whole bunch of fiction and non-fiction books about spiders, and added the new information we'd learned to our chart. The students also made detailed diagrams about spiders and brainstormed sentences about them.

Over the last couple of days, we spent some time editing each others' work (specifically looking at capitals, finger spaces, and periods), and when all the editing was done, we wrote our good copies onto a fresh new piece of paper. The finishing product was a little story about spiders!

Today the students made their very own spiders out of paper plates, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and construction paper! Here are the final projects hanging up! :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

GRA - Marty Ch. 7

Friday, October 18th
We just finished reading Chapter 7. We found out that Marty was picked for the play because she was brave and confident. When the class started practicing the play, they realized that it became a lot more fun when they pretended to use magic and their imagination.
We have three questions for you:
1) Half of our class said they WOULD sit in a garbage can that smells like peas just to be in a play and use their imagination. Would you?
2) We noticed that Marty may have started enjoying being the princess when she found she could use her imagination. Were you surprised when Marty started changing?
3) We noticed that Mrs. Aloi shakes the maracas to catch the class’ attention. What does your teacher do to catch your attention? Our teacher sometimes claps, sings, or counts down, and then we have to stop, look, and listen.
We hope to hear back from you really soon!
Grade 1, room 15.

Friday, October 11, 2013

J'aime les pommes!

In Art this week we created colourful, fall apples to go along with our French song "Les Pommes".

First, the students drew on coffee filters with green, yellow, and red markers. They made all kinds of designs!


Next, the students sprayed their designs with water to make the colours leak.


We had to wait a day for the designs to dry. Once they were dry, the students cut out apple frames and glued their designs on the back. Some also coloured the front of their apples. Once everyone was done, we decorated our windows with these cute little apples!!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Terry Fox

Last week we had Terry Fox day at our school to celebrate and remember the hero that Terry Fox was. We ran around our field many times (some ran as many as 15 laps!!) to support loved ones that have or continue battling cancer. We read books and talked about who Terry Fox was and learned about all the ways we can stay healthy.
After we ran, each student drew a picture of themselves running with Terry Fox, along with a sentence about something they learned or a quote that they found inspiring. Below are some of the drawings:
 "Terry fox is a hero" - Kymani

"Terry Fox ran half way through the country" - Ella

 "Terry Fox he had a prosthetic leg" 

"The hurting must stop" - Maeve